Course data
Course name: Practical Course in Mechanics 2
Neptun ID: BMETE15AF44
Responsible teacher: Gergely Zaránd
Department: Department of Theoretical Physics
Programme: BSc Physics
Course data sheet: BMETE15AF44
Requirements, Informations

The language of this course is English.

Table of contents:


  • Place and time of lectures: Tuesday, 12:15-14:00, Online (MS-Teams).
  • Classes will be held synchronously in MS-Teams meetings, but  the meetings will be recorded.
  • Lecturer: Miklós Antal Werner

Attendance requirement

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there is no attendance requirement.

Further information

  • The class and homework problem sets are available in English. Tests and homeworks can be written both in English and Hungarian.
  • Homeworks: two easy ("A"-type, for 5 points) and one harder ("B"-type for 10 points) problems per week. 2 problems can be turned in every week (2 easy or 1 easy and 1 hard.)   We plan to give out 11 homeworks.
    One needs to collect at least 50 homework points to pass.
  • There will be two "large tests"..
  • Grades:
    • Two large tests (2x50 points). At least 20 points on each tests is necessary to pass.)
    • Homeworks: 20 extra points can be earned. (if someone has more then the minimal 50 points)
    • 40 points from the maximal 100 are necessary to pass. The exact grade-limits will be set later.


  • According to personal requests. Preferred communication channel: MS-Teams team chat or personal chat. You can also write me an e-mail to wernermiklos (at) gmail (dot) com

Class material and results

ONLY in MS-Teams team.

Old material from 2020

1. Lecture, 11. 02. 2020

(solution of problem 4)

2. Lecture, 18.02.2020

3. Lecture, 25.02.2020

4. Lecture, 03.03.2020

5. Lecture, 03.10.2020

Solution of the problem in the quick examination

 OLD Homework exercises from 2020

1. Homework exercise sheet

2. Homework exercise sheet

3. Homework exercise sheet

4. Homework exercise sheet

5. Homework exercise sheet

Old material (2019)

1. lecture, 12. February 2019

2. lecture, 19. February

3. Lecture, 26. February

4. Lecture, 5. March

Solution of the last problem (sketch)

5. Lecture, 12. March

6. Lecture, 26. March

7. Lecture, 2. April

8. Lecture, 9. April

9. Lecture, 16. April

10. Lecture, 23. April

11. Lecture, 30. April

12. Lecture, 7. May

Explanation of the statement about the periods of periodic motions

Old Homework exercises (2019)

1. Homework exercise sheet

2. Homework exercise sheet

3. Homework exercise sheet

4. Homework exercise sheet

5. Homework exercise sheet

6. Homework exercise sheet

7. Homework exercise sheet (if something is not clear, please ask during the Consultation)

8. Homework exercise sheet

9. Homework exercise sheet

10. Homework exercise sheet

11. Homework exercise sheet

12. Homework exercise sheet