Department of Physics

The Department of Physics carries out experimental research in fields of solid-state physics and optics which promise future applications. Its dominant fields of research include nanophysics, magneto-optical spectroscopy, and spintronics. The background of the high-level experimental research of the department is provided by modern laboratories set up using EU funding as well as experimental research groups and laboratories of long tradition. The department also hosts student laboratories.  These latter  play an important role in the teaching activity of the department; they are mostly used to educate  MSc and BSc students, but they are also used for our outreach activity for high schools students and our PhD program. 

Department of Atomic Physics

The Department of Atomic Physics of the Technical University of Budapest teaches physics for physics and engineering majors at BSc, MSc and PhD levels. Its research is focused on applied physics, with an emphasis on optics and laser physics and surface physics, especially new laser technologies, measurement techniques and functional materials. We work in cooperation with numerous top level Hungarian and international scientific and industrial research institutes. They utilize our results and welcome our students.

Department of Theoretical Physics

The Department of Theoretical Physics participates mainly in the training of research physicists and that of students in engineering. The research activity of the department ranges from modern computational molecular physics, atomic physics, molecular magnets and quantum-theoretical description of nano-circuits, through the study of fundamental  quantum information theory and quantum computation, to the modeling of granular materials, social networks and financial processes.