Physics BSc


The list below contains subjects taught by the Institute of Physics. Subjects taught by the Institute of Mathematics, Institute of Nuclear Techniques, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology and Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics can be found in the Curriculum.

Neptun ID Course namesort ascending Course language
BMETE15AF55 Theory of Relativity hu
BMETE15AF46 Theory of Relativity en
BMETE11AF34 Theoretical Solid State Physics hu
BMETE12AF42 The Fundaments and Applications of Finite Element Modeling hu
BMETE15AF29 Statistical Physics 1 hu
BMETE12AF48 Spectroscopy hu
BMETE11AF48 Solving Problems in Physics 3 hu
BMETE12AF44 Solving Problems in Physics 2 hu
BMETE11AF47 Solving Problems in Physics 1 hu
BMETE15AF40 Seminar hu
BMETE12AF14 Selected topics in the modern technologies en
BMETE15AF54 Scientific Programming hu
BMETE11AF51 Research Project hu
BMETE15AF36 Quantum Mechanics 2 en
BMETE15AF49 Quantum Mechanics 1 hu
BMETE11AF50 Preliminary Test in Physics hu
BMETE15AF50 Preliminary Test in Mathematics hu
BMETE15AF30 Practical Course in Statistical Physics 1 hu
BMETE11AF06 Practical Course in Solid State Physics hu
BMETE15AF43 Practical Course in Quantum Mechanics 2 en
BMETE15AF28 Practical Course in Quantum Mechanics 1 hu
BMETE15AF44 Practical Course in Mechanics 2 en
BMETE15AF24 Practical Course in Mechanics 1 hu
BMETE15AF22 Practical Course in Experimental Physics 3 hu
BMETE12AF47 Practical Course in Experimental Physics 2 hu
BMETE11AF43 Practical Course in Experimental Physics 1 hu
BMETE15AF35 Practical Course in Electrodynamics 2 hu
BMETE15AF26 Practical Course in Electrodynamics 1 hu
BMETE12AF41 Planning and Construction of Physical Experiments hu
BMETE12AF43 Physics of Vacuum hu
BMETE12AF35 Optics hu
BMETE15AF53 Modern Mathematical Methods in Physics hu
BMETE12AF33 Microtechnology and Nanotechnology hu
BMETE12AF34 Microscopy hu
BMETE15AF32 Mechanics 2 en
BMETE15AF23 Mechanics 1 hu
BMETE11AF30 Measurement Techniques hu
BMETE11AF39 Measurement Control Project Work in LabVIEW Environment en
BMETE15AF52 Mathematical Methods in Physics 2 hu
BMETE92AF51 Mathematical Methods in Physics 1 hu
BMETE12AF37 Laser Technique hu
BMETE11AF45 Laboratory Exercises in Physics 2 hu
BMETE11AF28 Laboratory Exercises in Physics 1 hu
BMETE11AF44 Introductory Laboratory Exercises hu
BMETE12AF40 Introduction to the Physics of Ultrafast Pulses hu
BMETE12AF32 Introduction to Surface Physics hu, en
BMETE11AF05 Introduction to Solid State Physics hu
BMETE11AF40 Group Theory for Physicists en
BMETE12AF31 Fundaments and Applications of Materials Science hu, en
BMETE12AF38 Foundations of Biophysics hu
BMETE11AF46 Experimental Physics 3 hu
BMETE12AF46 Experimental Physics 2 hu
BMETE11AF42 Experimental Physics 1 hu
BMETE12AF27 Electronics hu
BMETE15AF48 Electrodynamics 2 en
BMETE15AF25 Electrodynamics 1 hu
BMETE11AF41 Computer Solution of Technical and Physical Problems en
BMETE11AF38 Computer Controlled Measurements en
BMETE13AF11 Comprehensive Examination in Experimental Physics hu
BMETE15AF45 Classical and Quantum Chaos en
BMETE14AF07 Chemical and Biomedical Measurement Technique hu
BMETE15AF11 BSc Thesis Project hu
BMETE15AF51 Basic Calculus hu
BMETE11AF11 Applied Solid State Physics hu
BMETE12AF39 Applied Plasma Physics hu
BMETE12AF45 Advanced Problem Solving Seminar 2 hu
BMETE11AF49 Advanced Problem Solving Seminar 1 hu
BMETE12AF21 Advanced Laboratory Exercises in Physics 3 hu
BMETE11AF33 Advanced Laboratory Exercises in Physics 2 hu
BMETE11AF32 Advanced Laboratory Exercises in Physics 1 hu