Course data
Course name: Mechanics 2
Neptun ID: BMETE15AF32
Responsible teacher: Gergely Zaránd
Department: Department of Theoretical Physics
Programme: BSc Physics
Course data sheet: BMETE15AF32
Requirements, Informations

Mechanics 2, lecture (spring 2020-21)


Lectures are in ENGLISH. 

Time and place: Mondays: 10:15-12:00 (F3M01)

Lecturer: Attila Virosztek (

Subjects to be covered:

  • Relativistic mechanics: four-vectors, four-velocity and four-momenta, Minkovski-geometry, relativistic action, equations of motion in a magnetic field.
  • Continuum mechanics: Lagrangian density, energy-momentum tensor.
  • Noether theorem, canonical transformations, Poisson brackets, integrals of motion and symmetries. 
  • The Hamilton-Jacobi formalism, action-angle variables, tori and integrable systems.
  • Principles of chaos and non-integrable motion. 


  • Prerequisite for exam/grade: a valid grade from the Mechanics 2, practical course.
  • Grades can be obtained by taking a written test. Those who could not pass the written test may try to pass by taking an oral exam.
  • Both oral and written exams begin with one entrance question. This must be answered flawlessly in order to continue the exam. The list of possible entrance questions is given below.
  • Oral exam: starts with one entrance question, then two subjects are drawn from the list of subjects (see below). You must pass in both subjects for a successful oral exam.
  • Tests can be taken in Hungarian (questions will be asked in English, but you may answer in Hungarian).

List of subjects for exam: mechanika2vta.pdf  (to be updated)

Entrance questions: mecha2entrance.pdf (to be updated)

Lecure notes (for private use)

Relativistic mechanics: Lectures_1_4 



Useful reading:

John Robert Taylor, Classical Mechanics (University Science Books)

Tom W. B. Kibble & Frank H. Berkshire, Classical Mechanics (Imperial College Press)


Some Hungarian lecture notes: 

                       Keszthelyi Tamás jegyzete

                       Török-Orosz-Unger jegyzet


For deeper knowledge:

H. Goldstein: Classical Mechanics (Addison-Wesley)

V.I. Arnold: Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics (Springer)

H.C. Corben and P. Stehle: Classical Mechanics (Dover Publications)