Course data
Course name: Classical and Quantum Chaos
Neptun ID: BMETE15AF45
Responsible teacher: Imre Varga, Gergely Zaránd
Programme: BSc Physics
Course data sheet: BMETE15AF45
Requirements, Informations

2022/23 Fall semester

Time, location:  Fridays, 14:15, room  F3M01 (?)
Teams link:    Classical and quantum chaos 
Lecturers: Gergely Zaránd and Imre Varga 
Language: English, but cnsulation, problem solutions and the oral exam may be in Hungarian
Requirements and grading:
There are three ways to get a grade and complete the course.
1. Oral exam 
2. Problem solving
You can obtain a grade through problem solving in the following way:
  • We hand out 5 (sub)sets of problems.
  • You can select problems from each set to collect 20 points at maximum (i.e. max. 100 points).
  • To pass (grade 2) you need to collect at least 10 points  from each subset.
  • Grading is as follows:
    • grade 2: 50%; for grade 3 you need  60%; for grade 4 you need to reach  70%; for grade 5, you must score above  80%.
  • You may discuss with the others or with the lecturers, give hints to each-other, but we request independent work. You may help each-other but you are not allowed to copy.
  • Deadlines will be specified later for each subset. 
  • Solutions (preferably handwritten) are supposed to be handed in via Teams.
3. Term paper
You can pass by handing in a 16-20 page long term paper, too. The term paper is supposed to start with a 8-10 pages introduction, putting your subject into context, and revising the relevant material of the course. The last 8-10  pages are supposed to discuss a hand-out (publication or book chapter). You do not need to understand all details of the handout, but the text must be clear and logical, reflecting your clear understanding of all that is discussed in your term paper.
Problem set:  Shall be posted via Teams. 
Handouts for term paper (shall be posted via Teams, may be partly upgraded):  
Symbolic dynamics and the horseshoe map (Ott, chapter 4.1 and 4.3)
Chaotic scattering (Ott, Chapters 5.4-5.5)
Fractal basin boundaries  (Ott, 5.1-5.3) 
Quasiperiodic motion and the circle map (Ott, chapters 6.1-6.2)
Lecture notes:   Shall also be posted via Teams. 
Other material:   Derivation of Lorenz-model
List of subjects for oral exam:  list_of_subjects.doc