Course data
Course name: Practical Course in Quantum Mechanics 2
Neptun ID: BMETE15AF43
Responsible teacher: László Szunyogh
Programme: BSc Physics
Course data sheet: BMETE15AF43
Requirements, Informations




  • Practice:
    • Friday 8:30-10:00 KF87
    • Friday 8:30-10:00 F3M01 (for the next 3 occasions K375)

Requirements on attendents

  • In-person:
    • Attendence on  70% of the practice courses
  • Online:
    • No requirements on attendences

Midterm tests

  • 1st Test: 15. October,  2nd Test: 03. December, 12:15-13:45
  • Both midterm test can be retaken

 Term requirements

  • Number of points for the midterm tests >= 40%
  • Fulfilment of the requirements on attendence

Office hours

  • E-mail for arrangements


Expected  subjects of the practice courses (translation is going on)