Research Physicist MSc

Obligatory course
Neptun ID Course name Course language
BMETE15MF41 Colloquim Series 1 hu, en
BMETE11MF33 Diploma Work RP hu
BMETE11MF07 Independent Laboratory 1 hu
BMETE11MF32 Independent Laboratory RP2 hu
BMETE11MF02 Physics Laboratory hu
BMETE11MF09 Professional Practice hu
BMETE11MF03 Seminar 1 hu
BMETE11MF04 Seminar 2 hu
BMETE11MF05 Seminar 3 hu
BMETE11MF06 Seminar 4 hu
BMETE15MF44 Statistical Physics 2 en
Elective course
Neptun ID Course name Course language
BMETE15MF38 Complex networks en
BMETE15MF45 Computer Simulation in Physics en
BMETE14MF02 Dynamical Systems hu, en
BMETE15MF51 Electronic Structure of Solid Matter hu
BMETE15MF11 Evolutionary Game Theory hu
BMETE11MF37 Fundamentals of Nanophysics hu
BMETE12MF49 Fundamentals of Photonics hu
BMETE11MF12 Group Theory in Solid State Research hu
BMETE11MF30 Interacting Spin Systems in Real Materials en
BMETE11MF43 Magnetic Resonance hu
BMETE15MF50 Many-Body Physics 1 hu
BMETE11MF41 Modern Solid State Physics en
BMETE11MF36 Nanotechnology and Materials Science hu
BMETE11MF39 Optical Spectroscopy in Materials Science hu
BMETE15MF43 Particle Physics hu
BMETE15MF48 Phase Transitions and Criticality hu
BMETE11MF26 Physics of Semiconductors 1 hu
BMETE15MF46 Quantum Field Theory QuQuantum Field Theory hu
BMETE11MF42 Quantum Information Processing hu
BMETE15MF49 Quantum Optics hu
BMETE12MF25 Spectroscopy and Structure of Matter hu
BMETE11MF45 Superconductivity hu
BMETE15MF47 Theoretical Nanophysics hu
BMETE11MF44 Theory of Magnetism en
Optional course
Neptun ID Course name Course language
BMETE15MF23 Coherent Controll of Quantum Systems en
BMETE12MF44 Computational Simulation at Atomic Scale in Solids hu
BMETE12MF51 Computational Simulation at Atomic Scale in Solids hu
BMETE15MF58 Econo- and Sociophysics en
BMETE15MF15 Foundations of Density Functional Theory hu
BMETE12MF17 Laser Physics hu
BMETE15MF32 Magnetohidrodynamics in low dimensional systems en
BMETE15MF54 Many-Body Physics 2 hu
BMETE159310 Networks and Stability en
BMETE155206 Physics of Quantum Computers en
BMETE155309 Physics of Quantum Computers 2 en
BMETE15MF35 Quantum Entanglement en
BMETE15MF40 Quantum Monte Carlo Methods hu
BMETE12MF16 Quantumelectronics hu
BMETE15MF10 Random Matrix Theory and Its Physical Applications en
BMETE11MF28 Seminar in Nanophysics 2 hu, en
BMETE11MF29 Seminar on Optical Spectroscopy hu, en
BMETE11MF31 Seminar on optical spectroscopy 2 hu, en
BMETE15MF39 Statistical Field Theory en
BMETE15MF53 The Physics of Disordered Systems hu
BMETE15MF05 The Physics of One-Dimensional Systems hu
BMETE15MF55 Theoretical Physics Seminar Series 1 en
BMETE15MF56 Theoretical Physics Seminar Series 2 en
BMETE11MF14 Theory of Magnetism 2 en
BMETE11MF14 Theory of Magnetism 2 hu
BMETE11MF34 Topological Insulators en
BMETE11MF35 Topological Insulators 2 en
BMETE15MF52 Wave Packet Dynamical Methods in Physics hu
BMETE15MF20 Wavelets, Coherent States and Multiresolution Analysis en