Course data
Course name: The Physics of One-Dimensional Systems
Neptun ID: BMETE15MF05
Responsible teacher: Gergely Zaránd
Programme: Courses for Physicist MSc students
Course data sheet: BMETE15MF05
Requirements, Informations

2020/21, Fall semester

Time, location:  Wednesdays, 16:15, online course
Lecturer:  Gergely Zaránd
Language: English
Requirements and grading:
There are sevaral ways to get a grade and complete the course.
1. Oral exam
2. Problem solving
You can obtain a grade through problem solving in case you missed less than 3 lectures.
  • You recieve 2 problem sets,
  • You can select problems from each set to collect 50 points at maximum (i.e. max. 100 points),
  • To pass you need to reach 20 points in each set, and at least 50 points, 
  • For grade 2 you need to reach 50%, for grade 3 you need  60%, for grade 4 you need to reach  70%, and for grade 5, you must score above  80%,
  • You may discuss with the others (or with me), give hints to each-other, but I request independent work. You may help each-other but you are not allowed to copy.
  • Solutions (preferably handwritten) are supposed to be handed in via Teams.
Deadlines will be specified later, together with problem sets.
Term paper: 
Instead of problem solving you can pass by handing in a 16-20 page long term paper, too. The term paper is supposed to start with a 8-10 pages introduction, putting your subject into context and revising the relevant material of the course, and the last 8-10  pages are supposed to discuss a hand-out (publication or book chapter). You do not need to understand all details of the handout, but the text must be clear and logical, reflecting your clear understanding. 
Handouts:  to be posted 
Problem sets:   to be posted via Teams
Handouts for term paper:     to be posted via Teams
Additional material:  to be posted via Teams