Course data
Course name: Seminar 2
Neptun ID: BMETE11MF04
Responsible teacher: Attila Virosztek
Programme: Courses for Physicist MSc students
Course data sheet: BMETE11MF04
Requirements, Informations

MSc Seminar KF2, KF4, 2024 Spring



  • Location: KF85
  • Time: Fridays, 12:15-13:45.
  • First meeting: 8 March, 2024, Friday, 12:15-13:45.
  • Language: English
  • Coordinator: Andras Palyi



  1. Each student will present a 15-minute talk on her/his own MSc project. If you do not have your own results yet, that’s not a problem. In that case, please present the background you have already learnt about the topic of your MSc research. 
  2. The talk should be as comprehensible as possible to your fellow students.
  3. Prepare slides in pdf.
  4. This semester, there is no mandatory practice talk. You can request to give a practice talk if you like. 
  5. Please send me your title and abstract (5-8 sentences) as plain text to me in an email by midnight before your talk.
  6. Be prepared to take questions.
  7. Each talk is followed by a 10-minute discussion, during which the audience has to write a summary of the talk in 5-10 sentences in a google form. It is okay not to submit the summary at the end of the 10-minute submission (the discussion itself can be too entertaining/distracting), but it is mandatory to submit it on the day of the session.
  8. I might upload the summaries to the Files folder of the session.
  9. You should upload the final version of the slides (pdf) before your session starts, to the Files folder of the channel of your session.
  10. You can miss at most 3 sessions.
  11. The grade will be determined based on the quality of the presentation. Cancelling a talk can result in a lower grade.



Week 1, 16 February - no session 
Week 2, 23 February - no session 
Week 3, 1 March - no session 
Week 4, 8 March - session 1, Katona Axel Attila, Csépányi István
Week 5, 15 March - no session / national holiday
Week 6, 22 March - session 2, Fitos Bence, Kránitz Péter, Kondákor Márk
Week 7, 29 March - no session / Good Friday
Week -, 5 April - no session / spring break 
Week 8, 12 April - session 3, Király Csilla, Márton Áron, Bíró Dániel Zsolt
Week 9, 19 April - session 4, Penc Patrik, Benedek Kristóf, Rudner László
Week 10, 26 April - session 5, Balogh István, Svastits Domonkos, Andorfi István
Week 11, 3 May - session 6, Vajtai Lili, Markó István, Emmer Marcell
Week 12, 10 May - session 7, Kupás Lőrinc Pál, Németh Marcell, Keveházi Zsombor
Week 13, 17 May - session 8, Sántha Zoltán, Domokos Bálint, Skublics Tamás
Week 14, 24 May - session 9, Dénes Gergő, Telek Dániel, Molnár Szabolcs