Course data
Course name: Seminar 3
Neptun ID: BMETE11MF05
Responsible teacher: Attila Virosztek
Department: Department of Physics
Programme: Courses for Physicist MSc students
Course data sheet: BMETE11MF05
Requirements, Informations

Seminar KF1, KF3, 2020 Fall semester

Plans, guidelines, schedule are announced in the Teams group of the course. 


OUTDATED - Seminar KF1, KF3, 2019 Fall semester


This is the joint course page of two courses, KF1 and KF3.


Instructor: Andras Palyi (associate professor, Dept. of Theoretical Physics, email: palyi at mail dot bme dot hu)
Course codes: BMETE11MF03 and BMETE11MF05
Time: Friday 12:15-13:45
Location: F3M01 (seminar room of the Dept. of Theoretical Physics)
Language: English
First meeting: Sep 13, Friday, 12:15




  1. Sep 13: kick-off
  2. Sep 20: Földvári (slides, summaries)
  3. Sep 27: Tamás (slides), Sulyok (slides, summaries)
  4. Oct 4: Szász-Schagrin (slides, summaries)
  5. Oct 11: Budai (slides, summaries), Balázs (slides)
  6. Oct 18: Kovács (slides, summaries), Szilvási (slides, summaries)
  7. Oct 25: no seminar
  8. Nov 1: no seminar
  9. Nov 8: Borsi (slides, summaries), Szombathy (slides, summaries)
  10. Nov 15: Györgypál (slides), Szabó
  11. Nov 22: Sári (slides)
  12. Nov 29: no seminar
  13. Dec 6: Szilágyi, Vízkeleti
  14. Dec 13: Gyulai, Horváth, Varga




  1. You will present a 20-minute talk on a topic within modern physics.
  2. You can select a topic yourself, or ask me for advice.
  3. The topic of the talk should not be your MSc thesis research; that is going to be the subject of the seminar in the Spring semester.
  4. The talk should be as comprehensible as possible to your fellow students.
  5. Prepare slides in pdf.
  6. You should give a practice talk on the Thursday before your talk, or earlier. On Thursdays, I'm available between 10:00-16:00. Contact me the week before the talk to find a time for your practice talk, either in person, or via email at palyi at mail dot bme dot hu.
  7. The practice talk should take 20 minutes, and it is followed by a discussion that takes at most 30 minutes.
  8. In the seminar session, use your own computer for the talk, but also bring along the slides on a pendrive, just in case your computer does not work with the projector.
  9. Test if the projector works with your computer before the session starts.
  10. Be prepared to take questions.
  11. Each talk is followed by 15-minute discussion, during which the audience has to write a summary of the talk in 5-10 sentences in a google survey. This is done in pairs. Please do bring your laptop even if you're not the speaker, to make sure that you can complete this task.
  12. I send the summaries as a single pdf file to the speaker. He/She will decide if it should be published in some way. I'm glad to publish the summaries here, if the speaker wishes so.
  13. You should email me the final version of the slides right after your talk.
  14. You can miss at most 3 classes.
  15. The grade will be determined based on the quality of the presentation. Not giving a practice talk, or cancelling a talk, can result in a lower grade.


Homework (due Sep 19 Thursday, 12:00)


  1. Read section 6 of this essay from Prof. Jan von Delft on giving talks.
  2. Submit a summary of the text through this google form. Summarize in 5-10 numbered sentences. Are there any suggestions you'll follow? Are there any suggestions you disagree with? Do you have any questions on this subject? Any remarks?
  3. Deadline: Sep 19 Thursday, 12:00