Tantárgy adatok
Tárgy címe: Elméleti fizikai szeminárium 1
Neptun kód: BMETE15MF55
Felelős oktató: Dr. Takács Gábor
Képzés: MSc fizikus
Tantárgy adatlapja: BMETE15MF55
Követelmények, Információk

Outdated - see English page for up-do-date information

The purpose of this course is to give students insight into particular fields of modern theoretical physics. They attend seminars of the Department of Theoretical Physics or those of individual research groups.  We recommend it primarily to students involved in research at the Department of Theoretical Physics.

This semester students can choose from two seminar series: 

1. Seminar series of the Department of Theoretical Physics

Time: Fridays, 10:15 am

Location: Seminar room of the department, first floor, buiding F/III.

Topics: A wide range of topics from modern theoretical and experimental physics

First seminar: February 16, 2018

Contact: Csaba Tőke


2. Seminar series of Exotic Quantum Phases research group

Time: Mondays 14:15 pm

Location: Library of the Institute of Physics, first floor, F.III.

Topics: Modern solid state physics, quantum informatics, quantum statistical physics, nanophysics.

First seminar: February 12, 2018

Contact: Pályi András / Zaránd Gergely 

Language: English


Attendance: Students have to attend at least 10 occasions per semester. Verified by the instructor. For this, please, use the following sheet: 

attandence sheet, attandence sheet (small version) 

Grading: With a subject related to one of the talks, the students have to either give a journal club talk (25 minutes) or write a short essay (6 to 10 pages) in course of the semester.


Past and planned talks are available on or