Szilárd Leó Kollokvium










Location:   BME Institute of Physics, Department of Physics

                Budafoki út 8. Building F, lecture hall 213, 2nd floor

     Time:   Tuesdays, at 14:30 (coffee and cakes from 14:15)


Our colloquium series carries the name of one of the greatest Hungarian physicists, Leo Szilárd, enrolled as a student at the Technical University of Budapest in 1916. The goal of our colloquia is to offer interested students and faculty insightful lectures by distinguished lecturers from Hungary and all over the world in the fields of experimental and theoretical physics, engineering, and biophysics.


Program: 2021/22 Spring

Mar. 29.

Maxim Mostovoy (Univ. Groningen):

Novel topological defects in frustrated and chiral magnets

Apr. 12.

Gergely J. Szöllősi (ELTE):

Trade-off between reducing mutational accumulation and increasing commitment to differentiation determines tissue organization

Apr. 26.

Tamás Bárány (BME):

Lightweight and recyclable polymer composites for the sustainability

May 3.


Katalin Varjú (ELI-ALPS):

         ELI ALPS – The next generation of attosecond sources

May 17.

Alberto Morpurgo (Univ. Geneve): 

2D magnetic materials




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