Course data
Course name: Optical Spectroscopy in Materials Science
Neptun ID: BMETE11MF54
Responsible teacher: Sándor Bordács
Department: Department of Physics
Programme: Courses for Physicist MSc students
Course data sheet: BMETE11MF54
Requirements, Informations

Informations/Aktuális információk

Lecturers/Oktatók: Dr. Bordács Sándor (BME Fizika Tanszék), Dr. Kamarás Katalin (MTA-Wigner, SZFI)
Requirements/Követelmény: 3/0/0/v/4
Language/Nyelv: English/magyar
Félévközi számonkérések: -        
Mark/A félév végi osztályzat: based on oral exam taking into account the homeworks/kialakítása szóbeli vizsga alapján történik a házifeladatok figyelembe vételével. 
Consultation/Konzultációk: based on private communication/egyéni egyeztetés alapján
Time and plance of the lectures/Az előadások időpontja és helye: Friday 9:15-11:30, MS Teams Online platform: Optical Spectroscopy in Materials Science
Structure and rules of the online lectures:
  • For each lecture there will be a video, which you should listen.  Then a short test will be available online, which should be filled till next week. Its role is to give feedback how deeply you understand the content. Next week we will have  a discussion section from the same topic along the questions of the test, where we expect an interactive discussion. Then new video will be available with the new topic.
  • The videos and slides you will find in the files and videos menu of Teams and at the homepage.
  • In order to protect the voice quality and avoid slow down please enter the meeting of the online course with microphone and camera switched off.
  • The important part will be recorded on videos, other recording is forbidden.
  • Please use the chat window, if you have questions, observe some problems. There is a separate channel to each Lecture, please comment there.