Course data
Course name: Electronic Structure of Solid Matter
Neptun ID: BMETE15MF70
Responsible teacher: László Szunyogh
Department: Department of Theoretical Physics
Programme: Courses for Physicist MSc students
Course data sheet: BMETE15MF70
Requirements, Informations

Semester: 2021/22, FALL SEMESTER


Lecturer: Laszlo Udvardi

                   Laszlo Szunyogh


Time and location: Monday 15:30-17:30, seminar room of the Department of Theoretical Physics F.III. building 1st floor


Lecture notes (for personal use only, no responsibility for mistakes, typos etc.):

Introduction to electronic structure of solids (in Hungarian)

Point-group symmetry in bandstructure

Consequences of time reversal symmetry

The Bychkov-Rashba effect

Treatment of chemical disorder: the coherent potential approximation 


You can obtain a grade through problem solving. To pass (grade 2) you need to reach 50%, for grade 3 you need  60%, for grade 4 you need to reach  70%, and for grade 5, you must score above  80%. You may discuss with the others (or with the lecturers), but we request independent work, you are not allowed to copy.

Problem set #1

Problem set #2