Course data
Course name: Computer Simulation in Physics
Neptun ID: BMETE15MF74
Responsible teacher: János Török
Programme: Courses for Physicist MSc students
Course data sheet: BMETE15MF74
Requirements, Informations



  • Time and place of lectures (in person):
    • Lecture course: Thursday 16:15-18:00, F3213
    • Practice course: Thursday 18:15-19:00, F3213
  • Consultation: During the practices or upon request.



  • The new faculty moodle is at Login with BME standard login. Homeworks are posted in the moodle system and you are required to upload it here. Homeworks are supposed to be individual works.
  • If possible form group of pairs in advance. Project work will be done in pairs. (Solo and trio groups are allowed with my consent, upon reasonable request). Projects must be presented to be accepted.
  • For in person courses, please, bring one laptop with some form of development environment already installed on it. I encourage you to work in groups
  • Allowed languages: C, C++, C#, python

Basic requirements

  • Accepted (>50%) solutions of 5 homeworks done individually. Copied solutions count as -1.
  • Presented and accepted project


  • At least five homeworks (individual) 28%
  • Small test (30 min) 22%, if result of the test is less than 40% you will have to repeat it, OR 4 extra homeworks (9 homeworks in total)
  • Project and its presentation (pairs) 50%
  • Sometimes for class work you can get extra points, which can be submitted in pairs but comes with a hard deadline
  • Test questions (2022), This will be updated later during the semester
  • In summary: I will sum up the homework and practice points. If this sum is less than 850, then you will have to make an exam which can give you 400 points. The project is 900 points. I will then sum up everything S = homework + practice + (exam if there is any) + project.
  • 1530 < S: 5
  • 1260 < S < 1530: 4
  • etc.


In the moodle.


In the moodle. Homework solutions are source codes and small documentation. Depending on the exercise it may be a simple readme, or a few images, or a small document describing the results, and the solution. Please combine the files into a single file (e.g. zip) and upload it to the moodle system. It is possible to resubmit a solution which got bad score.


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