Course data
Course name: Quantum World
Neptun ID: BMETE15MF77
Responsible teacher: Gábor Takács
Programme: Courses for Physicist MSc students
Course data sheet: BMETE15MF77
Requirements, Informations

Informations (semester 2022/23/1)

Lectures: every Tuesday 10:15-12:00, in room F3M01.

Lecturer: Gábor Takács


The course has a team set up in MS Teams under the name Quantum World (2022/2023/1), available only for registered students. The access code is sent via Neptun.


The course gives an introduction to foundations of quantum theory. The focus is on developing physical formalism and theoretical understanding of conceptual foundations of quantum theory. This not a course on the interpretations of quantum theory, although it inevitable involves some philosophical aspects. The goal is to enable the students to understand ongoing research and open issues in the foundations of quantum physics.

Note that the course presupposes the material of the BSc course Quantum Mechanics 1 (BMETE15AF49). In addition, familiarity with the materials of the BSc courses Mechanics 2 (BMETE15AF32) and Quantum Mechanics 2 (BMETE15AF36) is also strongly recommended.


The course consists of 2x45 minutes of lectures. The language of the course is English; consultation in Hungarian is available upon request.

Course outline

  1. Review of standard (textbook) quantum theory
  2. Hidden variables and no-go theorems
  3. The EPR-Bell experiment and its ramifications​
  4. Consistent quantum histories
  5. Some important quantum paradoxes and their resolutions
  6. Open quantum systems and environmental decoherence
  7. Emergence of a classical world 
  8. Outlook


Additional material

Lecture notes for the course

Final requirement

Oral exam covering the course material, based on the list of exam topics.