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Tárgy címe: Laser Physics
Neptun kód: BMETE12MX00
Felelős oktató: Dr. Richter Péter,Dr. Maák Pál
Képzés: Mérnökoktatás
Tantárgy adatlapja: BMETE12MX00
Követelmények, Információk

Information, semester requierements


Code: BMETE12MX00;  

Contact hours: 3/1/0/e/4 (compulsory);

Language: English;



Richter Péter (Department of Atomic Physics, Institute of Physics)

Maák Pál (Department of Atomic Physics, Institute of Physics)


Major topics of the course: Electromagnetic fields, Maxwell equations, wave equation. Interfer-ence, diffraction. Electromagnetic waves in materials. Interaction of light and matter, quantum phe-nomena. Quantum theory of atoms and molecules. Statistical physics, Maxwell-Bolzmann, Fermi-Dirac statistics, electrons in solids. Bose-Einstein statistics, photons in thermal equilibrium, photons and material interaction in thermal equilibrium. Introduction to lasers. Interaction of light and matter (phenomenological description), line broadening mechanisms. Optical coherent amplifier, gain, bandwidth, phase, power source, nonlinearity (saturation) and noise. Passive optical resonators, properties of the Gaussian beam, transmission through optical components. Laser operation: cw, transient. Semiconductor lasers. Laser systems and applications. Laboratory visits.


Attendance requirement: 70% of lectures, 100% of seminar attendances and laboratory visits are compulsory.

Conditions for the signature: Successful test (above 40% of the achievable maximum) on week 12 on seminar. Non-successful test can be repeated once in the retake-week. Rating of the test result:
40 -  54%    pass (2)
55 -  69%    satisfactory (3)
70 -  84%    good (4)
85 -100%    excellent (5)

Exam: oral, student will draw two questions from the oral test lists. The midterm test result will take into account with 30%, and the oral exam with 70%.

Consultation: Consultation is possible in agreed time and place.


Laser Physics question list (oral exam)




A - Physical foundations:

Laser physics 1-10


B - Laser analysis

Laser physics 11

Laser physics 12

Laser physics 13

Laser physics 14

Laser physics 15

Laser physics 16

Laser physics 17

Laser physics 18

Laser physics 19

Laser physics 20


Additional material



D_chapter 06.pdf

statistical coherence.pdf


Previous exams





Budapest, 2022. szeptember 1.




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