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Advanced Thermodynamics
Primary programme: 
Fizikus mérnök BSc
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Thermodynamics and Statisitcal Physics
Responsible lecturer: 
Dr. Tamás Fülöp, associate professor, PhD
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Course description: 
A process-oriented overview of the reversible and irreversible thermodynamics of gases, liquids and solids. For the grading, the student has to solve (work out and present) a related complex problem. I. Levels of thermodynamic modeling, the ways in which time and space dependence are taken into account, the importance of these aspects. II. Van der Waals and more complex fluid models. Transformation relationships among various kinds of information derived from state equations and measurements (variable transformations, Maxwell and Gibbs-Helmholtz relations). Critical point, spinodal, binodal and phase boundary curves. Metastable, negative-pressure, and supercritical domains. Thermoelasticity. The Reitlinger–Chambadal–Novikov–Curzon–Ahlborn heat engine. III. Ordinary differential equations describing the processes of discrete thermodynamic systems. Entropy, asymptotic stability and the second law of thermodynamics. Modeling possibilities provided by thermodynamical internal variables. Viscosity, viscoelasticity, plasticity – from the perspective of thermodyamics. IV. The principles of continuum thermodynamics. The heat conduction equation and the Navier–Stokes equation, derived via Onsager's approach.
Reading materials: 
Tamás Matolcsi: Ordinary thermodynamics : Nonequilibrium homogeneous processes, Society for the Unity of Science and Technology, Budapest, 2017, ISBN 97861580157218 Tamás Fülöp: Chapters in thermodynamics, lecture notes, BME, 2022
List of competences: 
Please find the detailed list, as quoted from the Hungarian training and outcome requirements of the Physicist Engineer program, in the Hungarian version of the course description.