Course data
Course name: Introduction to Solid State Physics
Neptun ID: BMETE11AF05
Responsible teacher: Péter Makk
Programme: BSc Physics
Course data sheet: BMETE11AF05
Requirements, Informations

General data

  • Course name: Introduction to Solid State Physics
  • Course code: BMETE11AF05;
  • Requirements: 2/0/0/V/2;
  • Semester: Fall;
  • Language: English;
  • Responsible teacher: Péter Makk
  • Lecturer: Endre Tóvári, scientific co-worker
  • Department: Department of Physics
  • Programme: BSc Physics (mandatory) and MSc Physics (recommended for students without preliminary studies in solid state physics)
  • Exam: Oral exam at the end of semester


1. Quantum distributions: Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac statistics

2. Heat capacity of solids: Einstein's model and Debye's model

3. Electrons in metals: Drude theory

4. More electrons in metals: Sommerfeld (free electron) theory

5. One-dimensional model of compressibility, sound and thermal expansion

6. Vibrations of a one-dimensional atomic chain

7. Geometry of solids: crystal structure, lattice, reciprocal lattice, Brillouin-zone

8. X-ray diffraction: Miller indices, Laue and Bragg conditions

9. X-ray diffraction II.: systematic absences, powder diffraction

10. Electrons in solids: nearly free electron model, Bloch's theorem, electronic bands

11. Electrons in solids II.: tight binding model


Steven H. Simon: The Oxford Solid State Basics

N. W. Ashcroft and N. D. Mermin: Solid State Physics

C. Kittel: Introduction to Solid State Physics