Seminar series of the Exotic Quantum Phases group



Regular seminar time: Monday 2:15 PM - 3:45 PM


Regular venue: Seminar Room of the Department of Theoretical Physics , building F, staircase III


Previous years: 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016


Seminars in 2018/2019:


  • 10/28/2019 2:00 PM
    Superfluid weight and polarization amplitude in the one-dimensional bosonic Hubbard model

    Balázs Hetényi (Bilkent & BME)
  • 06/05/2019 2:15 PM
    Quantum Rifling: Revisiting the Stern-Gerlach experiment with a twist

    Daniel Szombati (U Queensland)
  • 15/04/2019 2:15 PM
    Relaxation in tunnel coupled 1D superfluids

    Marine Pigneur (TU Wien)
  • 01/04/2019 2:15 PM
    Quantum relaxation and metastability of lattice bosons with cavity-induced long-range interactions

    Ferenc Iglói (Wigner FK)
  • 18/03/2019 2:15 PM
    Symmetry-protected Topological Phases

    Izabella Lovas (TU Munich)
  • 26/02/2019 2:15 PM (location: F3213)
    Journal Club on "Solving the quantum many-body problem with artificial neural networks"

    Miklós Werner (BME)
  • 11/02/2019 2:15 PM
    Dispersive readout for topological Majorana qubits

    Vahid Derakhshan (BME)
  • 04/02/2019 2:15 PM
    Quantum noise in a transversely-pumped-cavity Bose-Hubbard model

    Gergely Szirmai (Wigner RCP)
  • 14/01/2019 2:15 PM
    Detection of Antiferromagnetic Domains Via the Optical Magnetoelectric Effect

    Sándor Bordács (BME)
  • 07/01/2019 2:15 PM
    Pedagogical introduction to Weyl semimetals through a minimal tight-binding model

    János Asbóth (Wigner RCP)
  • 17/12/2018 2:15 PM
    Non-equilibrium properties of graphene probed by superconducting tunnel spectroscopy

    Péter Makk (BME)
  • 10/12/2018 2:15 PM
    Nuclear spin-lattice relaxation time in TaP and the Knight shift of Weyl semimetals

    Zoltán Okvátovity (BME)
  • 26/11/2018 2:15 PM
    Ground-state properties of the symmetric single-impurity Anderson model on a ring

    Gergely Barcza (Wigner)
  • 12/11/2018 2:15 PM
    Transconducting Transition for a Dynamic Boundary Coupled to Several Luttinger Liquids

    Baruch Horovitz (Bar-Ilan)
  • 11/06/2018 2:15 PM
    Floquet spectroscopy of a driven charge qubit with a microwave resonator

    András Pályi (BME)
  • 04/06/2018 2:15 PM
    Calculation of the topological susceptibility in SU(2) lattice gauge theory

    Zoltán Varga (BME, ELTE)
  • 23/04/2018 2:15 PM
    School report (Winter School 2018, Marburg)

    Miklós Werner (BME)
  • 16/04/2018 2:15 PM
    Path-integral Monte Carlo simulation of time-reversal noninvariant bulk systems with a case study of rotating Yukawa gases

    Csaba Tőke (BME)
  • 09/04/2018 2:15 PM
    Hydrodynamics of quantum information from random circuit models

    Tibor Rakovszky (TU Munich)
  • 26/03/2018 2:15 PM
    Noise of a chargeless Fermi liquid

    Catalin Pascu Moca (BME & University of Oradea)
  • 12/03/2018 2:15 PM
    Topological phases in ladder models

    Balázs Hetényi (BME & Bilkent University (Turkey))
  • 12/02/2018 2:15 PM
    Identifying Genetic Errors

    Márton Kanász-Nagy (MIT-Harvard Broad Institiute)
  • 22/01/2018 2:15 PM
    Time evolution of one-point functions in integrable field theory quenches
    Dávid Horváth (BME)

  • 29/01/2018 2:30 PM
    Integrable initial states in Integrable models
    Balázs Pozsgay (BME)

Seminars in 2017:

  • 17/02/2017 10:15 AM
    Real-time confinement following a quantum quench to a non-integrable spin chain
    Márton Kormos (BME)

  • 21/03/2017 3:15 PM
    Floquet adiabatic perturbation theory
    Szabolcs Vajna (University of Ljubljana & BME)

  • 31/03/2017 10:15 AM
    Dynamical Shiba states and bands in s-wave superconductors
    Micrea Trif (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)

  • 13/06/2017 14:15 PM
    Non-equilibrium transport in the XXZ spin-1/2 chain
    Mario Collura (University of Oxford, UK)

  • 20/06/2017 14:15 PM
    Entropy production in coupled Bose-Einstein condensates
    Izabella Lovas (BME)

  • 27/06/2017 14:15 PM
    New strategies towards proving the Riemann Hypothesis
    André LeClair (Cornell University, US)

  • 04/07/2017 14:15 PM
    Development of Path Integral Monte Carlo simulations in magnetic field
    Tamás Galambos (BME)

  • 11/07/2017 14:15 PM
    Fully tunable coherence and control of acceptor qubits
    Dimitrie Culcer (University of New South Wales, Sidney, Australia)

  • 18/07/2017 14:15 PM
    Cavity quantum electrodynamics with mesoscopic topological superconductors
    Micrea Trif (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)

  • 23/08/2017 14:15 PM
    The Fermi-Hubbard model under a quantum gas microscope
    Márton Kanász-Nagy (Harvard University, Boston, US)

  • 29/08/2017 14:15 PM
    Zero energy edge states and topology in carbon nanotubes
    Wataru Izumida (Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan)

  • 18/09/2017 2:15 PM
    Electric control of dopant nuclear spins in semiconductors

    András Pályi (BME)

  • 25/09/2017 2:15 PM
    Quenches in the S=1 Heisenberg chain: comparison between semiclassics and MPS simulations
    Miklós Antal Werner (BME)

  • 02/10/2017 2:15 PM
    Non-equilibrium steady states: validation and falsification of CFT predictions

    Zoltán Zimborás (Wigner RC, Budapest)

  • 16/10/2017 2:15 PM
    Replica resummation of the Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff series
    Szabolcs Vajna (University of Ljubljana & BME)

  • 30/10/2017 2:15 PM
    Electron-electron attraction in graphene electromechanical systems
    Matthias Droth (BME)

  • 06/11/2017 2:15 PM
    Magnetically confined quantum dots in graphene: capturing Dirac electrons using the tip of a scanning tunneling microscope
    Péter Nemes-Incze (MTA EK)

  • 13/11/2017 2:15 PM
    Topological Kondo insulators
    Izabella Lovas

  • 20/11/2017 2:15 PM
    From snake states to Mach-Zender interference in graphene pn junctions
    Péter Makk (BME)

  • 27/11/2017 2:15 PM
    (organized jointly with the Nanoseminar of the Nanoelectronics group)
    al states (Majorana fermions and parafermions) in low dimensional systems
    Jelena Klinovaja (University of Basel)

  • 04/12/2017 2:15 PM
    Skyrmions in polar magnets
    Sándor Bordács (BME)

  • 11/12/2017 2:15 PM
    Sculpting Shadows - Structured light and the spatial shaping of fields and atoms
    Thomas W. Clark (Wigner RC, Budapest)

  • 18/12/2017 2:15 PM
    Orbital contributions to the electron g-factor in semiconductor nanowires
    Dániel Varjas (Delft)