Publication prize

Papers of our colleauges were awarded two publication prizes of our university, "BME Outstanding Scientific Publication 2013-2017" and "BME Most Significant Scientific Publication in 2017".


BME Outstanding Scientific Publication 2013-2017

The authors are members of the MTA-BME "Lendület" Statistical Field Theory Research Group and the MTA-BME "Lendület" Exotic Quantum Phases Research Group.

B. Pozsgay, M. Mestyán, M. A. Werner, M. Kormos, G. Zaránd, and G. Takács
Correlations after Quantum Quenches in the XXZ Spin Chain: Failure of the Generalized Gibbs Ensemble
Physical Review Letters 113, 117203 (2014)


BME Most Significant Scientific Publication 2017

The authors are members of the MTA-BME "Lendület" Spintronics Research Group.

L. Szolnoki, A. Kiss, B. Dóra, and F. Simon
Spin-relaxation time in materials with broken inversion symmetry and large spin-orbit coupling
Scientific Reports 7, 9949 (2017)