Many-body quantum physics with cold atoms and molecules

2023. 05. 23. 10:15
BME building F, lecture hall 13, second floor
Hanns-Christoph Nägerl (Innsbruck)

I will give an overview over my group's activities in the field of cold atoms and molecules, past, present, and future. Cold atoms have shown to offer an ideal and very rich experimental platform to study diverse phenomena in quantum many-body physics, ranging from superfluidity and ground-state properties to transport and dynamical processes. In recent years, we have used samples of atoms initially in the state of a Bose-Einstein condensate cooled to nano-Kelvin temperatures as a source for a diverse set of experiments, e.g., on correlated tunneling, low-dimensional transport and the inhibition thereof, and on the formation of low-entropy samples of molecules. One of our experimental efforts presently focusses on impurity dynamics in a one-dimensional setting, which evidently allows us to simulate the behavior of any-ons, to some extent. Other activities in my groups are geared towards the generation of exotic many-body states on the basis of long-range interactions, as e.g. given by dipolar molecules. I will start with an overview over the various cold-atom tools and tricks, and I will close with an outlook on the future perspectives, e.g. coupling of quantum light to an interacting many-body quantum system.


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