The future of magnetic information storage?

Experimental study of tiny magnetic patterns (skyrmions) published in npj Quantum Materials, from Sándor Bordács (BME Institute of Physics) and collaborators. 
Page of the Complex Magnetic Structures research group:
Á. Butykai, K. Geirhos, D. Szaller, L. F. Kiss, L. Balogh, M. Azhar, M. Garst, L. DeBeer-Schmitt, T. Waki, Y. Tabata, H. Nakamura, I. Kézsmárki, and S. Bordács
Squeezing the periodicity of Néel-type magnetic modulations by enhanced Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction of 4d electrons
npj Quantum Materials, DOI: 10.1038/s41535-022-00432-y

APS Outstanding Referee: Ádám Gali

Ádám Gali, part-time professor of our Department of Atomic Physics, receives the APS Outstanding Referee honor from the American Physical Society. Ádám works as a scientific advisor at the Wigner Research Centre for Physics, and holds a part-time professor position at BME. 
Instituted in 2008, the Outstanding Referee program expresses appreciation for the essential work that anonymous peer reviewers do for APS's journals. Each year a small percentage of the 82,000 active referees are selected and honored as Outstanding Referees. Selection is based on the number, quality, and timeliness of referee reports as collected in APS' database over the last 30 years.
Congratulations, Ádám!
BME personal home page of Ádám Gali: 

Tachyons in Physical Review Letters

Faster-than-light particles? Loosen the definitions, and you'll find them! New paper from the researchers at the Department of Theoretical Physics, in Physical Review Letters.
Doru Sticlet, Balázs Dóra, Cătălin Paşcu Moca
Kubo formula for non-Hermitian systems and tachyon optical conductivity
Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 016802 (2022).

New paper in Carbon

BME Physics researchers report a new and efficient way to create nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond using neutron irradiation. Published in Carbon. 
Ultrahigh nitrogen-vacancy center concentration in diamond
S. Kollarics, F. Simon, A. Bojtor, K. Koltai, G. Klujber, M. Szieberth, B. G. Márkus, D. Beke, K. Kamarás, A. Gali, D. Amirari, R. Berry, S. Boucher, D. Gavryushkin, G. Jeschke, J. P. Cleveland, S. Takahashi, P. Szirmai, L. Forró, E. Emmanouilidou, R. Singh, K. Holczer
Carbon 188, p. 393 (2022).