Gábor Varga passed away

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our colleague, Dr. Gábor Varga, associate professor of the Department of Physics at the BME Institute of Physics, who passed away unexpectedly at the age of 63.
Gábor worked at the Department of Physics for about 40 years, taught physics to generations of engineering students, and played an important role in the introduction of computer modeling education. He was a highly valued colleague of ours, having strong friendships with many people at the Institute of Physics.
He will be truly missed by his colleagues, who share the pain of Gábor's family. 

Interview with Szabolcs Csonka

Interview with BME's associate professor and Momentum research group leader Szabolcs Csonka published at the news portal of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. 


The interview:


News item at, in Hungarian:


Website of the MTA-BME Superconducting Nanoelectronics Momentum Research Group:


Physics Prize for Sándor Bordács

Associate professor of BME Institute of Physics received the prize from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for his outstanding research activities. Congratulations!


Sándor Bordács, head of the Complex Magnetism Research Group of the BME Department of Physics, is an outstanding researcher in modern optics and solid-state physics, advancing the field with creative experiments as well as theoretical models. He has discovered and explained numerous novel optical phenomena, with relevance for optical communication and data storage, acknowledged and highly recognized by the international community of his field. 
Home page of Sándor Bordács:
Home page of the Complex Magnetism Research Group:

Ultra-long spin lifetime in graphite

New experimental results from the BME Institute of Physics, published in Nature Communications, open new perspectives in the spintronics applications of graphite. 


B. G. Márkus, M. Gmitra, B. Dóra, G. Csősz, T. Fehér, P. Szirmai, B. Náfrádi, V. Zólyomi, L. Forró, J. Fabian & F. Simon 
Ultralong 100 ns spin relaxation time in graphite at room temperature
Nature Communications 14, 2831 (2023) 

Why does time flow?

The next Science Campus lecture for high school students is coming! Gábor Takács, professor of the BME Department of Physics, discusses one of the most fundamental questions of physics: Why does time flow? Join in! 
Gábor Takács
Why does time flow?
public lecture in BME's Science Campus outreach series, in Hungarian
March 31, 2023, Friday, 16:00
BME F building, Budafoki út 8., 2nd floor, lecture hall F3213
Broadcasted online on Galileo Webcast:  
A recent appearance of Gábor Takács, discussing the same topic in the "Multiverzum" series of the Hungarian state television MTV: