Course title: 
Computer Controlled Measurements
Primary programme: 
Fizikus mérnök BSc
ECTS credits: 
Course type: 
Number of lectures per week: 
Number of practices per week: 
Number of laboratory exercises per week: 
Further knowledge transfer methods: 
Computer laboratory exercises
Coursework grade
Special grading methods: 
The grade is based on the submitted measurement control programs and their documentation
Programming 1
Responsible lecturer: 
Dr. Gergő Fülöp, research fellow, PhD
Lecturers and instructors: 
Course description: 
The participants gain experience in computer controlled measurements and in the programming of scientific instruments and data acquisition system. To this end the following topics are covered: communication with the instruments via serial, GPIB, and USB ports. Programming of data acquisition cards. Programming of complex measurement control platforms, plotting and saving the data, programming of timelines, in-situ data analysis. The course consists of 4 hour-long computer laboratory exercises every second week. In the first part of the semester fundamental programming skills are obtained through simple example programs. In the second part the participants individually program complex measurement control and data analysis platforms, like nonlinear curve fitting by Monte Carlo method, full computer control of a digital multimeter, digital oscilloscope program using a data acquisition card.
Reading materials: 
Descriptions of laboratory exercises on the website of the BME Physics Institute.
List of competences: 
Please find the detailed list, as quoted from the Hungarian training and outcome requirements of the Physicist Engineer program, in the Hungarian version of the course description.