Course title: 
Measurement Techniques Laboratory
Primary programme: 
Fizikus mérnök BSc
ECTS credits: 
Course type: 
Number of lectures per week: 
Number of practices per week: 
Number of laboratory exercises per week: 
Further knowledge transfer methods: 
Laboratory exercises
Coursework grade
Special grading methods: 
The competence is tested prior to the measurements, and laboratory reports are submitted after the measurements. The grade is based on both aspects.
Measurement Design and Laboratory Exercises, Measurement Techniques
Responsible lecturer: 
Dr. András Halbritter, university professor, DSc
Lecturers and instructors: 
Course description: 
The laboratory exercises focus on the practical application of the theoretical knowledge acquired in the field of measurement technology. Students apply special measurement techniques and complex data evaluation methods such as spectrum analysis, thermal and shot noise measurement, heterodyne measurement techniques, high frequency measurement techniques, and nuclear measurement technology. The laboratory exercises are aided by computer control, and the measurements are performed in pairs.
Reading materials: 
Descriptions of laboratory exercises on the website of the BME Physics Institute.
List of competences: 
Please find the detailed list, as quoted from the Hungarian training and outcome requirements of the Physicist Engineer program, in the Hungarian version of the course description.