Course data
Course name: Vector and Matrix Algebra
Neptun ID: BMETE91AP62
Responsible teacher: Pál Hegedűs
Programme: Physicist-Engineer BSC
Course data sheet: BMETE91AP62
Requirements, Informations


Lecture: Dr P Hegedüs (M 10-12, KF82; Th 8-10 KF87)

Practice: Dr Á Gyenge (M 12-14, R514), Dr E Lukács (M 12-14, H607), Dr A Sándor (M 12-14, R513)


Recommended for lectures, compulsory for practices.


Two midterm test, compulsory homeworks and quickies on lectures.

To qualify for the exam you must earn 40% on both homeworks and quickies and 20% on midterm tests.


Final examination is written.


The final grade is a weighted average based on 10% Homeworks, and 30% each of the two midterm tests and the final exam.

Office Hours:

Dr P Hegedüs: Tuesdays 12-13 or by appointment via email.