Course data
Course name: Seminar NA3
Neptun ID: BMETE11MF49
Responsible teacher: Titusz Fehér
Department: Department of Physics
Programme: Courses for Physicist MSc students
Course data sheet: BMETE11MF49
Requirements, Informations

Place, time

The classes are on Friday, between 12:15 and 13:45. We meet in MS Teams on the first two weeks of the semester, then we will probably meet at the campus. The seminars are lead by Titusz Fehér (Dept. of Physics).


Any advanced topic in physics, preferably with a focus on fundamental aspects. Your diploma thesis is welcome. The title of the talks should be finalized at latest when you send me the first version of your slides (see Requirements below). Specially for NA3 students: before your talk you have to select a final examination question as well.


  • Give a talk.
  • Send me the slides to the address msc.seminar at server gmail-dot-com: a 70% ready version two weeks before the midnight preceding your talk, and a 99% ready version one week before the midight preceding your talk. Penalty will be given for being late with these deadlines.
  • Take an active part in the discussion after the talks: ask relevant questions and/or give relevant comments (6/person/semester).
  • COVID-rule: for 70% of the classes you fulfill your assignment. A maximum of 3 missed classes.
  • Evaluate each presentaion here right after the talk.
  • Marks will be determined by the presentation including response to questions during the discussion. Being late with sending slides and postponing presentation too late will result in penalty on marks (1-1 marks deducted for missing the deadlines, 2 marks deducted for postponing a talk too late—special offer: if you miss every deadline incl. unable to give the talk, you can still earn a 2 with a good presentation).
  • One has to be prepared to step in for a cancelled talk one week before the original schedule.
  • Students on course NA4 will not get a mark only a signature: in change they are not allowed to postpone their talks without notice at least 1 week in advance, while they have to prepare for being able to step in if needed!

The form of presentations

  • Each topic will be processed and presented by a team of two students.
  • Talks should be 20 minutes long followed by a max. 10 minutes' discussion
  • Students on course NA3 and NA4 will present their exam question in 10 minutes followed by a max. 10' minutes discussion
  • Language is English.
  • Based on a computer presentation.
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • PDF (pl. LaTeX slides.sty)
    • You may use whatever on your own computer (pl. OpenOffice, prezi)
  • Please user your own computer for the presentation, or make sure you can borrow one on site that is compatible with your presentation.
  • Consulting with me at latest until 1 week before the talk (last week: only 1-2 specific questions).


Week of semester Date Speaker(s) Topic
1. 2020.09.09. Instructor Introductory talk


Nothing yet.