Course data
Course name: Mechanics
Neptun ID: BMETE11AP59
Responsible teacher: Nándor Bokor
Programme: Physicist-Engineer BSC
Course data sheet: BMETE11AP59
Requirements, Informations

Information for semester 2023/24/2

Course description

The course consists of 

  • Lectures: every Tuesday and Wednesday, 10:15-12:00 (F29)
    Lecturer: Takács, Gábor

Schedule and topics of lectures

Teams access

The course has an associated team in the institutional Microsoft Teams, for which the access code is distributed to registered students only via the Neptune system.

Recommended reading

  • R. A. Serway and J. W. Jewett: Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics (10th Ed.),  Cengage Learning, 2018.

  • Supplementary lecture notes (in preparation)

Course requirements

Condition for signature: 

attending at least 70% of exercise classes + passing all three problem solving tests separately (individual threshold: 40 points).


after each exercise class, solution to selected problems can be submitted at the next exercise class for bonus points, which can be earned up to the limit of 90 points. There is no way to submit missed homeworks later.


 Period  Test  Maximum score
 During semester  Three problem solving tests  100 points each
 Exam period  Final test (theory)  300 points


Problem solving tests:

The dates and places of the three problem solving tests are

Test 1 March 14, Thu 8-10 K275
Test 2 April 25, Thu 8-10 F2E
Test 3 May 23, Thu 8-10 K275


For every test there is a repeat occasion:

Test 1 repeat April 11, Thu 8-10 E505
Test 2 repeat May 2, Thu 8-10 E505
Test 3 repeat May 27, Mon 10-12 K150

There will be an extra test opportunity in the week after the semester, at 10 am on the 31st of May. On this occasion, one (and no more than one) of tests 1-3 can be retaken.


Final theory test:

The final theory test must be taken in writing at least once. There is a repeat occasion for those who could not attend the first test for justified reasons (e.g. illness). Those who fail the theory test on the first occasion can also use the repeat occasion for a second attempt.

Anyone who did not pass the written test, or wishes to improve their final mark must register for an oral exam.

The dates and places of the final theory test are

Theory test June 5, Wed 10-12 to be announced later
Theory test repeat June 12, Wed 10-12 to be announced later

Students must register for the written theory test(s) and the optional oral exams in the Neptune system.



The threshold for passing the final test is 120 points (40%).

The end result is computed from the total score (three problem solving tests, one final test plus bonus points), divided by 6 and marked using the following limits:

Score Evaluation Mark
  0-39.9 fail 1
40-54.9 pass 2
55-69.9 average 3
70-84.9 good 4
85- excellent 5