Electronic transport in designer van der Waals materials

2021. 10. 12. 14:30
BME building F, 2nd floor, lecture hall 13
Péter Makk (BME)
First talk of the 2021 Fall series of the BME Szilárd Leó Colloquium: https://physics.bme.hu/kollokvium
In recent years the study of 2D materials has become one of the most important topics in solid state physics. Novel 2D materials include insulators, semiconductors, Dirac and Weyl semimetals, superconductors, topological insulators, and very recently even magnetic materials have been found. These materials can be combined using the van der Waals stacking method, similarly to putting bricks of LEGO together. Moreover, by controlling the twist angle between the materials moiré superlattices can be formed leading to the modification of graphene’s band structures. Surprisingly, at special, “magic” angles, flat bands form with gate tunable superconducting, Mott insulating and other interesting correlated phases. In this talk I will give a glimpse into this rapidly evolving field.