Classical Theory of Universal Quantum Work Distribution in Chaotic Fermi Liquids

2021. 09. 17. 10:15
online (Teams)
András Grabarits (BME)
We present [1] a universal theory of quantum work statistics in generic chaotic, disordered Fermi liquid systems within a driven random matrix formalism. By extending P. W. Anderson’s orthogonality determinant formula to compute quantum work distribution, we find that work statistics is non-Gaussian and is characterized by a few dimensionless parameters. At longer times, quantum interference effects become irrelevant and the quantum work distribution is well-described in terms of a purely classical ladder model with a symmetric exclusion process in energy space, while bosonization and mean field methods provide accurate analytical expressions for the work statistics. Our random matrix and mean field predictions are validated by numerical simulations for a two-dimensional disordered quantum dot, and can be verified by calorimetric measurements on nanoscale circuits.
[1]:  A Grabarits, M Kormos, I Lovas, G Zaránd: arXiv:2107.10245