NetSquid, a discrete-event simulation platform for quantum networks

2021. 02. 25. 14:30
online (Teams)
Tim Coopmans (TU Delft)
NetSquid is a generic discrete-event based platform for simulating quantum information networks and modular quantum computing systems developed by QuTech (TU Delft / TNO). Its use ranges from the physical layer hardware and the control plane all the way to the application level. NetSquid's main aim is accurate physical simulation, not the least capturing time-dependencies. In this talk, I will introduce NetSquid and discuss several use cases to showcase its power, including long-distance entanglement generation using nitrogen-vacancy centers and atomic-ensemble hardware. NetSquid is freely available for non-commerical use at The website also contains a 10-minute guide to get started and references to code snippets made by other users.
About the speaker: Tim Coopmans is a PhD student in the groups of David Elkouss and Stephanie Wehner (Delft University of Technology), working on the analysis of quantum network protocols. Before that, Tim wrote his master thesis in certification of quantum states under supervision of Jed Kaniewski (then at University of Copenhagen) and Christian Schaffner (University of Amsterdam). His work focuses mostly on long-distance entanglement generation using intermediate nodes known as quantum repeaters. In his spare time, Tim aspires to be a good amateur jazz pianist (with varying success).