Group coordination, decision-making and collective sensing

2019. 11. 08. 10:15
Building F, stairway III., seminar room of the Dept. of Theoretical Physics
Máté Nagy (Konstanz/ELTE)

Full title: "Group coordination, decision-making and collective sensing – and a new Lendület research group"


Abstract: "Recent technological developments allow studying group behaviour in unprecedented details and on a variety of spatial and temporal scales. New analytical methods and quantitative tools support the understanding of the huge datasets produced by these measurements, providing an insight and fascinating results related to group coordination, decision-making and collective sensing in groups of pigeons, rats, dogs, storks and humans.
I will also outline my plans and the line of research of the Collective Behaviour Lendület Research Group which will start in December 2019. The research will mainly, but not exclusively concentrate on collective migration and more specifically, the collective thermal soaring of birds. Our goals are to get biological insight into the collective aspects of wild birds’ thermalling by using high resolution measurements from autonomous soaring drone(s) flying near them. We are aiming for a realization of highly efficient autonomous bio-inspired thermalling drones, which will have  enormous potential in applications (wildlife monitoring, search and rescue, etc.)."