Non-equilibrium steady states

2017. 10. 02. 14:15
Building F, Entrance III., seminar room of the Department of Theoretical Physics
Zoltán Zimborás (Wigner FK)

Title: "Non-equilibrium steady states: validation and falsification of CFT predictions"

Abstract: "We discuss the correlation properties of nonequilibrium steady states that arise as equilibrated states after local quenches in which two half-chains prepared at different temperatures are joined together. In particular, we treat the cases of free fermions, harmonic chains, and tranverse-field Ising models. We discuss the conformal field theoretic predictions, and show that some of these are (to some extent) violated. We also point out that these states give rise to the only known physically relevant counter-examples to the area law and the Rényi subadditivity property outside the zero-temperature regime. Finally, we close the talk with some ideas on future research motivated by further CFT predictions."