Fermionic Quantum Computation

2019. 05. 20. 14:15
Building F, Entrance III, seminar room of Department of Theoretical Physics
János Asbóth (Wigner RCP)

Speaker: Janos Asboth (Wigner RCP)

Topic: “Fermionic Quantum Computing” (informal journal-club talk and discussion)

Time: May 20, 14:15
Location: seminar room of the theory department (to be confirmed)
Janos will introduce the concept through a classic paper and a recent PRL:
Fermionic quantum computation
Sergey Bravyi, Alexei Kitaev
Majorana-Based Fermionic Quantum Computation
T. E. O’Brien, P. Rożek, and A. R. Akhmerov
This event is initiated by the BME Nanoelectronics group and jointly organized by the Nanoelectronics group and the Exotic Quantum Phases group.