Upcoming final examinations (Nanotechnology-materials science)

General information

The deadlines and students' tasks for final examinations and submitting theses are listed on the corresponding page of the faculty but please also consider the following additions.
The final exams of students on Nanotechnology and Materials Science specialization is organized by the Department of Physics ("home department"). Each student has to sign up for the final exam by sending an e-mail to the responsible of the home department  at the same time as signing up on Neptun. The responsibles of the home department is:
  • Department of Physics: Fehér Titusz
The  subject of the final exam and and its actual course depends on the MSc specialization.

Deadlines in 2020

If your home department is the Department of Physics, please send your thesis and its abstract in PDF at latest by noon on 29th May 2020 in e-mail to the final-exam responsible. You will also have to bring two printed copies of both the thesis and the abstract to Júlia Berhidi at the library or secreteriat of the Institute of Physics but the deadline of it is still unknown due to the extraordinary COVID pandemia measures.
The next final examinations will take place between 22th June and 3th July of 2020.

Signing up for the final exam

You can sign up for the final exam under the menu Administration/Final exam AND sending an e-mail to the final-exam responsible of the home department with the same deadline. (In case there is no acknowledgement in two working days please repeat your e-mail.) The e-mail should include all of the following information:
  1. The name, e-mail address, Neptun-code, physics programme (BSc or MSc), and specialization.
  2. The name, e-mail address and institute (workplace) of your thesis advisor. If you also have a consultant, the same data for her/him as well.
  3. The title and ID of the thesis (in absence of the ID, please give the link of its description on the faculty home page).
  4. If there are optional sections in your final examination questions, please name the one(s) you choose.
  5. Optional: your preference whether you prefer to sit the exam at the beginning or end of the exam period. For the exams in June-July, you need to support such a request by a sound professional justification (e.g. delay with or repetition of other exams, etc. is not accepted), but we normally organize exams only for the last two weeks of the period. For the exams in January, we respect such requests without justification as well.
Please refer to the responsible of the home department if you have further questions regarding the rules of diploma theses and final exams.

Theses, their evaluations

As theses and their evaluations gather, we make them available at this page of the home department. (If you do not have the password to reach certain pages, please refer to the responsible.)

Guidelines for the thesis

Please include in the thesis a signed Declaration of Originality page right after the title page (refer to the responsible for its correct form). Please do not forget to attach the abstract of your thesis when submitting both in electronic and printed form.

Exam questions

Please find the exam questions for your specialization here.

Schedule of the final exams

The schedule will be published on the corresponding pages of the home departments (for a password, please refer to the responsible of the department):

The typical course of the final exams

For the rules of online examination in 2020, please either refer to the Hungarian version of this page, or ask the responsible of the home department.

Due to the unpredictability of the extraordinary health regulations due to the COVID pandemia, we have not made a final decision about the form of the oral exams yet. Nevertheless, we suggest that you prepare for the defence and the oral exam as if everything were normal.

  1. The student presents the diploma work (15 mins). The typical form is a computer presentation (preferentially by your own computer, while the projector is provided by us).
  2. The exam committee asks questions regarding the diploma work and/or the presentation (approx. 10 mins) in order to assess the student's familiarity with both the literature and theoretical background of the presented research field. Both own questions of the committee members and previously given by opponents may be asked, and the quality of the answers have a significant weight in the mark you get for the defence (for the thesis).
  3. The student is given 1-1 item from the two question groups. Typically, the committee marks 70-80% of one item and 20-30% of the other item to be presented. At least 25 mins is provided for preparation.
  4. The student is examined based on the given items but the committee also asks questions that may be related to non-marked parts of the items or even other items (approx. 20 mins).