Simon Ferenc leads a "Lendület" research group at BUTE

Ferenc Simon starts a new research project at the Department of Physics at the BUTE in 2015.
In the project "Spin and charge dynamics in strongly correlated systems" Ferenc Simon
and his co-workers will build a time-resolved optically detected magnetic resonance
spectrometer, which will be unique in Hungary. They will use this equipment in the study
of carbon nanotubes, graphene, and spintronic devices. The project continues the
work that started under an ERC starting grant in 2011.


Snake states in graphene

Snake states observed in a graphene pn junction. In collaboration with the University of Basel, published in Nature Communications, 6, 6470 (2015). More information at the BME site.

Recent Nature Physics Publication

In a collaboration with Stanford (David Goldhaber-Gordon), the EQP group of Gergely Zaránd demonstrated an exotic SU(4) many-body state in electrostatically coupled artificaial atoms [Nature Physics 10, 145 (2014)].