2nd Grandmaster PhD Workshop in Physics

The Institute of Physics at BUTE organizes the international students' conference "2nd Grandmaster PhD Workshop in Physics'' between September 6th and 11th, 2015. The conference is an opportunity for master's students, PhD students and junior postdocs to presents their scienctific achievements for a scientific audience in a relaxed atmosphere.

You can find the detialed programme at http://grandmaster.phy.bme.hu

Students who are interested are required to register for an oral talk or a poster presentation by September 18th. The presentations will be organized in sections subsequently. There are no topical restrictions. As the conference will be during the first week of classes. There will be participants also from German, Czech and Austrian universities. There is no registration fee.

There will be a plenary tutorial session by internationally renowned researchers on the physics of skyrmions on September 8th. The programme is available at http://magnetooptics.phy.bme.hu/2nd-grandmaster/program/plenary-talks/