Course data
Course name: Statistical Physics 2
Neptun ID: BMETE15MF44
Responsible teacher: Gergely Zaránd
Department: Department of Theoretical Physics
Programme: Courses for Physicist MSc students
Course data sheet: BMETE15MF44
Requirements, Informations

General information

Location and time:  

Wednesdays,  14:15 - 15:45, building F, room  F3M1 (seminar room)

Fridays, 8:15 - 9:45, building F, room F3M1

Detailed schedule:  Modified schedule of StatPhys2 2017


Lecture: Gergely Zaránd

Tutorial: János Török


Participation in tutorials (practicals) is compulsory. Participation in lectures is not compulsory, but must reach a presence of 50%. 

  • Tests:
    • You will have 4 tests during the semester.
    • Each test will contain a theoretical part, referring to the material presented at lectures, and problems. Some of the problems will be handed out in form of homeworks, prior to the test.  
    • You can recieve examption from exam if you pass all tests (reach >50%). Grading will be, as usual (2:>50%; 3: > 60%; 4: > 70%; 5 > 85%).
  • Homework:
    • Homeworks will be handed out regularily, after the tutorials.
    • You must be able to reproduce homework solutions as part of the tests. You are allowed to help each other with homeworks (except for the test), ask for consultation, but individual work is adviced.
  • Home study:
    • Each of you will recieve a more difficult, individual task, too. This may consist of producing a numerical simulation, understanding a book chapter and summarizing it in some written notes, or understanding some recent publications and producing notes on it, to be handed in. 
  • Exam:
    • The written exam (date specified later) wll consist of two parts: 1. exercises based on homework and tutorials; 2. material discussed at lectures;
    • Those who fail the written exam will have to take an oral exam. There will be a written entry to the oral exam on exercises based on homeworks.


  • Upon demand. Location: F III building, first floor, Room 6, Department of Theoretical Physics



Homeworks (year 2017)

  1. Handout 1 (practice)
  2. Handout 2 (practice)
  3. Homework 3
  4. Homework 4

Homeworks (year 2016)

  1. Homework Deadline: September 22, 23:59
  2. Homework Deadline: September 29, 23:59
  3. Homework Deadline: October 6, 23:59
  4. Homework Deadline: October 13, 23:59
  5. Homework Deadline: October 20, 23:59
  6. Homework Deadline: October 27, 23:59
  7. Homework Deadline: November 3, 23:59
  8. Homework Deadline: November 10, 23:59
  9. Homework Deadline: November 17, 23:59
  10. Homework Deadline: November 24, 23:59


  1. Test results

Handouts for the practice course

Subjects for the oral exam (in Hungarian):

List of subjects for oral exam

Last updated: 4.9.2017