Course data
Course name: Diploma Work RP
Neptun ID: BMETE11MF33
Responsible teacher: Attila Virosztek
Department: Department of Physics
Programme: Courses for Physicist MSc students
Course data sheet: BMETE11MF33
Requirements, Informations


The prerequisit to registering this course is successful completion of the course Independent laboratory RP2.

The student performs research tasks related to the diploma work topic during the semester, under the guidance of the thesis advisor, for about 30 hours (10 contact) per week, worth 30 credits.

The grade will be determined based on the suggestion of the thesis advisor. By suggesting a valid grade, the thesis advisor approves the submission of the thesis. The final exam will be organized by the so called mother department (the department of the adviser). The thesis should be submitted to the mother department by the end of the semester.