List of Physics Courses of Engineers

Neptun ID Course name
BMETE15MX27 Physics M1
BMETE15MX00 Physics K3M
BMETE15AX17 Physics K
BMETE15AX15 Physics A2E
BMETE15AX03 Physics A3
BMETE15AX02 Physics A2
BMETE14MX02 Transport Processes for Electrical Engineers
BMETE14MX00 Modern Physics for Chemical Engineers
BMETE14MF04 Pattern Formation at Micro- and Macroscale
BMETE14AX16 Physics 1 – Mechanics
BMETE14AX15 Physics 1 – Mechanics
BMETE14AX14 Physics K1A – Selected Topics
BMETE14AX13 Physics 1E– Selected Topics
BMETE14AX12 Physics 1M – Selected Topics
BMETE14AX09 Physics Laboratory in Corresponding Course
BMETE14AX08 Physics 1 Electrodynamics in Correspondence Course
BMETE14AX05 Physics Laboratory
BMETE14AX04 Physics 1 Electrodynamics
BMETE14AX00 Physics K1A
BMETE13AX20 Laboratory of Physics
BMETE13AX19 Physics
BMETE13AX18 Physics 112
BMETE13AX01 Physics K2A
BMETE12MX00 Laser Physics
BMETE11MX22 Physics laboratory excercises for civil engineers
BMETE11MX01 MSc Physics
BMETE11MF25 Seminar in Nanophysics 1
BMETE11BG15 Physics Fundamentals
BMETE11BG05 Physics for Engineers
BMETE11AX39 Curved Spacetime
BMETE11AX38 Illustrative Relativity
BMETE11AX24 Physics 2i
BMETE11AX23 Physics 1i
BMETE11AX22 Physics 2
BMETE11AX21 Physics 1
BMETE11AX15 Nobel Prize Physics in Everyday Application – Laboratory Exercise
BMETE11AX14 Nobel Prize Physics in Everyday Application
BMETE11AX13 Physics for Civil Engineers
BMETE11AX12 Introductory Physics
BMETE11AX04 Physics 2i
BMETE119779 MATLAB programming
BMETE119778 Modelling by Computer