Topological physics in artificial molecules

Our colleauges have experimented with a semiconductor-based artifical molecule to demonstrate topological features of a simple quantum system. Work published in the journal Communications Physics, from Nature Research.


Zoltán Scherübl, András Pályi, György Frank, István Endre Lukács, Gergő Fülöp, Bálint Fülöp, Jesper Nygård, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Gergely Zaránd, and Szabolcs Csonka
Observation of spin–orbit coupling induced Weyl points in a two-electron double quantum dot
Communications Physics 2, 108 (2019). (Open Access)

Wigner crystal in a carbon nanotube

New study in Science, from collaboration of BME and HAS theorists with an experimental group at Weizmann Institute, provides evidence for the long-sought fragile electron crystal.
Coverage at the site of the Hungarian Academy of Science (in Hungarian):
The publication in Science:
I. Shapir, A. Hamo, S. Pecker, C. P. Moca, Ö. Legeza, G. Zarand, S. Ilani
Imaging the electronic Wigner crystal in one dimension
Science 364, pp. 870-875 (2019).