BME's most significant scientific publication in 2016

Márton Kormos and Gábor Takács received the award for their work published in Nature Physics.

Márton Kormos, Mario Collura, Gábor Takács, Pasquale Calabrese. Real-time confinement following a quantum quench to a non-integrable model. Nature Physics 13, 246–249 (2017).

The publication in Nature Physics.

Summary of the work in Science Daily.

The certificate of the award (pdf).

Awards for Pál Maák and János Török

Pál Andor Maák (Department of Atomic Physics) received this year's Bródy Imre Award of the Eötvös Loránd Physical Society, for his "outstanding achievements in the field of applied physics". János Török (Department of Theoretical Physics) received the Jánossy Lajos Award, for his "outstanding achievements in the field of theoretical and experimental research".